With a turnover of Rs 5 billion, the NEPSE index fell by 88.48 points.


KATHMANDU, JULY 4 — The stock market index (Nepse) fell 8.48 points on Sunday, the opening day of the week. The index currently stands at 2834.51 points. On this day, the transaction amount has also lowered.

On this day, a total of 1 crore 8 lakh 42 thousand 221 shares were traded for a price of Rs 5 billion 5 crores 35 lakh 38 thousand 256 rupees.

The share prices of 153 publicly traded firms decreased. The worth of 60 businesses has increased.

The hotel and tourism indexes, as well as mutual fund group firms, have risen.

Oriental Hotel, CEDBatri Hydropower, Corporate Development Bank, and Nepal Finance have all made more money today. Pokhara Finance, Gurkhas Finance, Panchakanya Mai Hydropower, Reliance Finance, and Joshi Hydropower are also among the worst-performing companies.

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