With a new Covid-19 wave, Nepal schools are closed again. But, here’s how you can continue learning


With the beginning of the new wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in Nepal, the government has already closed schools across the country until the last week of January. The closure is likely to continue even after that if the number of active Covid-19 cases do not go down.

The alternative teaching-learning and evaluation procedures are the need of the present context. Accordingly, schools and educational organisations need to develop an emergency guideline for the continuation of academic activities during the emergency so that learnability and learning context could be ensured. The main aim of the intervention is to introduce and develop appropriate and applicable teaching, learning and evaluation procedures in educational institutions. Similarly, the strategies suggested in this article enhance the capacity of the learners of different grades as per the curriculum referred by the Nepal government; as a result, learners can continue learning from home.

1. Formation of an emergency management committee

The schools need to form an emergency management committee to organise internal managerial procedures. The committee should consist of academicians, administrators and IT experts. The emergency management committee will be responsible to execute the function during emergencies. The principal, as a member secretary of the committee, is expected to manage all sorts of managerial tasks and report to the committee. Collective decisions need to be made for the introduction of organisational support and the member secretary should prepare the daily log and report to the chairperson of the committee.

2. Analysis of teacher and learners’ situations

For the execution of the programme, the school principal needs to collect information about and analyse the situations of learners and teachers as per the guideline suggested by the Nepal government.

3. Management of teaching-learning activities

For the management of teaching-learning activities, the following procedure shall be applied. The principal is responsible

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