Why is a levels overrated in nepal and expensive


— A copy-paste of my previous reply on a similar topic. —

A levels is expensive because:

1. Few good teachers, they are expensive

2. Expensive license for high schools

3. You need to pay in pounds for exams/stuffs

4. Books are expensive

5. There is a bigger focus in practicals and lab equipments are expensive.

6. Also a slightly longer school time. Mote classes.

I barely had the money to complete my A levels, that also with some scholarship. However, one of the best decisions of my life. Completely changed my way of learning, and thinking.

The biggest different comes from the way of learning. +2 is all mugging up the same shit and vomiting it in exams. I couldn’t believe how much rota my +2 friends used to do.

The biggest problem with all this is the examination structure. HSEB used to promote memorizing stuffs, and more you can remember the better. Doesn’t matter whether you understand or not.

Just compare the examination structure of HSEB to A levels or IB, you will see the stark contrast.

A levels focuses on being more analytical and less mugging up. A level will probably not have a huge preference over +2 when it comes to Uni selection just as a board, but there are other factors to consider.

1. There is a general feeling of applying to Unis outside in A level institutes (at least the top ones). So you get better coaching and help.

2. General Paper (A level) subject can help you in SAT, application essays, etc.

3. Good A level schools write better LORs

It will also be easy for you to transition to the education systems in colleges abroad.

I guess the best way to solve this problem is by changing the questions and exams structure by promoting analytical answer and critical thinking. Also less predictable question papers. The culture will gradually shift and spoonfeeding could stop.

Also please note that nowadays, there are a lot of A levels schools opening everywhere. Most of them just aren’t good enough. A lot have shit teachers. They try to teach it the same way as +2 and make students memorize shit for good grades. Completely defeats the purpose.

Therefore, the better schools, in turn, become more expensive.

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