Why do people invest in hydro stock….



  1. godmode977 says

    Invest is wrong word, trade is the right word.

  2. [deleted] says

    KPCL 1000+ puryaune aviyan safal paraau. Maile 270 ma kineko ho hai.

  3. Negative_Secret_00 says

    Universal Truth, Trend is your friend. Trade, SL, ride and enjoy the trend. But investing in hydro at this time is a straight suicide.

  4. romers33 says

    Been in share market for while now, seen them hydros go down below 100, only bought 2 hydros in this rally, sold prematurely in less profit; one of them is now 3x more than the price I sold. Now that it’s balloned up I just unsee them.

  5. aadarsha2056 says

    **~~invest trade~~**

    **speculate gamble**

  6. AdLopsided9113 says

    there’s no logical reasoning and it’s pure speculation but for the moment, yeah they are only going up. Lets see how long does this last.

  7. JimiEastern says

    I was once yellow,now I’m in that green…

  8. Laxman_12 says

    If it’s a good company then we can get good return like chilime in past

  9. y4maa says

    at this stage it’s pure speculation

  10. nekrofyle says

    They dont invest in hydros. They TRADE hydros.

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