Why do highway drivers drive like they’re gonna respawn?


Why do highway drivers drive like they’re gonna respawn?


  1. EventuallySpooky says

    Streets are filled with idiots. that’s why we should always be careful ourselves.

  2. Such-Reflection-3730 says

    The chances of you losing your life by your own idiocy is way below than getting murked by others.It is so crazy that I’ve to drive with an apprehension that some frail minded turd will run my ass off

  3. mirrorcatchingrat says

    I call them kamikazes for exactly that reason.

  4. khoya171 says

    Yestai ho k garnu. Sometimes mutu halinchan when drivers zoom past.

  5. nurojggwp says

    Legit response from one of those highway tripper drivers hai “hya chircha ta truck vitra k nai huncha ra malai. sangh le tirdi halcha paisa.”

  6. alladin316 says

    #gamer4life literally

  7. anxious_weirdous says

    because maan diney lai maan diney ho shaan diney lai handine ho

  8. InsideLake1592 says

    Guruji be like : Highway is my way, if you die my Sangh will pay, so get the fuck outta way.

    Yeah, and if they die, they’ll respawn anyway.

  9. RajeshDaikoNatini says

    That’s why always pray highway ma gairako bela

  10. dlt-old-acc-cus-cot says

    H8ghway is shit and anytime theres an open road, they have to rush. When I drove to Jhapa from Kathmandu for the first time, ot took me 14 hours, now I do it in 9-10.

  11. lulu_lama says

    Lol bhouda jhorpati tempo used to drive like motor cross back when the road wasn’t black topped.

  12. G_ACN says

    How fast do you go on a highway though? Driving too slow on a highway can also cause an accident.

  13. AASHRUTYA says

    because they do!!

  14. Severe_Piano56 says

    To serve as the reason for why I don’t drive.

    P.s. A legit reason I heard is *budi ko kachkach.*

  15. ya_a_hell says

    Lmao A common saying ‘always drive like everybody in the road is an idiot’ is true while driving in highways

  16. qweertyqwerty says

    Yeah what’s with all the weaving and trying to fit your bikes in close spaces? Why risk injuring others?.

  17. zkathmandu says

    u/lonesome_god insights?

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