Which is the best scrip to buy for long term investment?



  1. direwolf367 says

    prvu, nil, shivm, nicl, ntc, kbl, ksbbl(not at current price)

  2. crazybonehead69 says

    Shivm, hdl, cbbl, nabil, nil

  3. [deleted] says


  4. Vegetable_Edge_3834 says

    Microfinance like forward, jeevan bikas bittiya sanstha, ddbl.

    Banking sector nbl nic nabil gbime sanima kbl

    Hydro ma bpcl, chilime, upper, api

    Check their fundamentals and previous returns.

  5. khukuri says

    Top scrips in the sector of Insurance(s)/Bank/Microfinance.

  6. Rdnepshare says


  7. Capaastik says

    buy company which are top from their sectors

  8. LoanSad5133 says

    I would wait to buy for long term

    Best scripts to buy are the best companies in their respective categories like nica,nabil,pcbl,sanima,nlic,slic,licn,bocl,shpc,cbbl,nubl,jblb,mnbbl,gbbl etc

  9. Comfortable_Fun_4764 says

    Maybe microfinance under 2000 having higher bonus capacity.

  10. [deleted] says


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