What would be your first move?


Had been in many relationships in the past just based on personality more specifically all of the good people I was in a relationship said my intelligence and ambitions were prime reason to be in a relationship. Physically below average look with an army lifestyle preferences. But all failed the funny thing is we never broke up, we just quit talking and eventually we got separated. I initiated quit talking and repairing the fractures in every relationships.

When something they do or say hurts me even though I meant good for them in a long run, I basically quit talking to them and to be specific I want them to initiate talking. It’s been a week since I have not talked to a really close friend who at one time told me that if I don’t talk to her it matters to her. This time I have not initiated talking to her and the longest streak was of 13 days. I want to keep her in my life and my intentions literally reflect I have feelings for her and may b I am willing enough to take risk and see herself in my life forever and I have been consistent with my life choices. It worries me everyday how she is, how she is doing whether her family is good or not but my ego is stopping me to initiate the talk.

People who can just tell me how girl or partner feels once they suddenly stop getting text from someone who is more than a friend and little less than a partner… I mean just drop down your thoughts advice and other things that can help to improve myself in a long run in terms of understanding people specifically in a relationship. This time I wanna repair and don’t give up on repairing and improving my relations with the peoples.

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