What sectors should I sell in current situation?


I know the market is bearish and now is the time to buy but I am in debt and should really sell some of the shares. My portfolio is dominated by hydropower, insurance and bank, and lastly microfinance. So, could you tell which to sell?


  1. nyaupane says

    As the market clearly indicates to be going in sideways rather than upward. It seems that big players have already exited the market and the volume reveals that even the mid term and short term traders sold a lot. So the volume needs to accumulate first before moving upward to higher high. In my opinion, the market will hit sideways until dashain and then possibly the big players will re-enter the game at the end of October or November and as per historical data,buyer are highly active during November and December and the market goes boom at April until July-August. This is just my observation since one year. I may not be entirely correct but it’s just what historical data says.

    Bulls be with us đź’š

  2. stackoverflow7 says

    Looks like the correction will end soon. We can already see decrease in volume and other technical analysis also tells us that correction will most likely end soon. So better hold good stocks and dump stocks with bad fundamentals and wait. I have more than 30 lakh of blue chip stocks and am not even worried a bit.

  3. MaxProUltraLegend says

    If you are referring to current situation, I suggest you to hold and not sell your stocks.

  4. 0penT says

    sell the ones that have high prices eg finance, hydro, dev banks

    buy the ones which have low prices eg banks, insurance, micros

  5. hayman905 says

    Sell the ones with bad fundamentals or in other words timle trading KO lagi kineko bechdeau.

  6. Hukkasinama says

    Keep hydro, mero yehi suggestion ho. I know i am getting a lot of down votes.

  7. Heisenberg114_ says

    How do you know that the market is bearish? And why do you think it is the time to buy?

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