What patterns are popular among Nepali traders?


At the end of the day, the patterns are self fulfilling prophecy. The patterns will only work if everyone is looking and using them. I studied several popular patterns but later came to realise that it is not gonna work if other people in the market are not using them.

PS: I am a beginning at trading.(one month)

Answer this ‘coz when more people will use the patterns popular in market, the patterns will yield better results.


  1. [deleted] says

    Right shares

    That’s the trend. Whereas elsewhere investors become startled and sell their holdings when a company announces that it needs financing, here in Nepal investors line up to apply for the right shares.

    Not only that, share prices are artifically tsken to the moon with a rumor of right shares.

    The only pattern that always seems to repeat without an exception!

  2. anotherperson6969 says

    DIP va bela saab vanda sasto hydro kinne.Ani 100-200 le badhe chi bechne.

    Aaile samma 10 lakh capital bata suru suru gareko vaye 1-2 crore hune bela vai sakio

  3. enormousgiganticDICK says

    i saw a master student of computer science and statistics teach bollinger band and how it worked it stuck to me as it was quite easy to understand. Dherai jasto group ma price trend herxan ,and i just think its a bullshit of a analysis method. Global sanjay (yt channel) taught MACD ani RSI those i find to be useful.

    asti maile ni yestae question sodhethe and some suggested ichimoku cloud pattern .english yt channel called ,data trader has amazing analytic skill and he is happy to teach all the pattern

  4. aadarsha2056 says

    Technical is not self fulfilling prophecy for me its simply risk management and trend following tool. Technical le kam gardaina bhanne sathi haru lai gayera backtest garnu bhanchu simple rsi ra macd jasto indicator use garera decision leko bhaye ni tapaiko top ma exit hunthyo.

    Regarding pattern they help us identify breakout and breakdown. Aile majority of copany ma breakdown pattern diyeko thiyo teyti herera breakdown bhayekoo din ma exit gareko bhaye pani 10% loss minimize hunthyo.

    Dont overcomplicate technical analysis use simple trend following strategy.And most importantly take buy sell action according to analysis dont just look at chart and indicator follow their signals.

  5. Active-Effect118 says

    Pasupatinath ko naam samjhiyera , “lu hai parmeshwor yesma chai 7 din ma double banaideu bhanera ” 😀 😀

  6. captainright1 says

    broker 58 ko pattern

  7. stackoverflow7 says

    Right now technical analysis won’t be of much use because of panic sells. Once everything is stable you can use various indicators like RSI, MACD, Candle stick, Fibonacci retracement, ADX and Ichimoku based on your needs. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube on how to use them. You can also refer to Ajay Singh Thapa’s channel for tutorials.

  8. Potential-Selection8 says

    all these replies are downright bs don’t listen to them the best imo is macd look for a uptrend breakout on macd and you’re good to go

  9. kiru0 says

    Topi pattern

  10. agni20-20 says

    Maharaj ko Durbar Pattern

  11. Plastic-Candidate-87 says

    buy manakamana lagubitta

  12. sinner_93 says

    Halla pattern, no need of any charts. Just keep your eyes and ears open.

  13. rossu007 says

    Dipendra Agrawal

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