What colors do you dream in?


i can only dream in black and white. I found out that other people actually dream in colors just today like WTF. Felt like my life had been a lie


  1. ZoroAsAkatsuki says

    I dream everynight, but forget most of the time. and I never remember to notice the color. not sure what color i dream in

  2. arz992 says

    I read somewhere that seeing dream in black and white was really common when people had black and white TV only.

    Also blind people only hear voices in their dream.

  3. ITellStories_ says

    sometimes my dreams are better than the movies i have ever watched, i however know i am dreaming so i change the plot of the story myself lmao if i dont like it, ailesamma esto 2 choti bhako thyo where the story was mind boggling, i never dreamt as a kid, 4-5 years delhi huna thalyo, rarely tho, and sometimes colorful hunxa sometimes black and white.

  4. suraj2052 says

    I dream in binary.

  5. DontBelieveMyWord says

    I think in words. People think in pictures. I was surprised to learn that. I do dream vividly but if you ask me to imagine or remember something it’s blurry as an image but I remember words easily. That’s why I knew most of Eminem’s song by heart as a kid.

    We are all different. Some in more ways than others.

  6. v01d_koffee says

    Colorblindness in dreams, that’s new.

    Does it happen in your imaginations too?

  7. suvani88 says

    is that so?maileyta normal color ma dream ni dekhyaxu

  8. [deleted] says

    I rarely dream and i don’t think i’ve ever dreamed in colors, can’t remember.

  9. theflameranger88 says

    You guys have dreams?!!😳

  10. Spare_Acanthaceae555 says

    hm I once dreamt of a place so colorful and preety..

  11. the_vain_one says

    I dream in color…the more vivid the color..the better I feel after waking up…I remember gorgeous purple butterflies..that was a nice dream

  12. [deleted] says

    i dream in red white and blue rato ra chandra suryaa

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