What are your thoughts on IPO if we get allotted? Should we hold them or sell them at their peak ?

  • asmr10 says

    Always sell when you find better opportunity in the market no matter what. Is there any stock better than jeevan bikash in the market? No hold it forever as long as it’s growth remains positive if you look at it’s yoy growth you will sell everything and buy this company as much as you can.

  • mootabhai says

    Thank you all for your kind suggestions 🙏

  • Embarrassed_Cow_5255 says

    And how do you know a share’s price has peaked out exactly!?

  • MaAdrishya says

    if you are talkibg about heevan bikash, just forget it. let it be in demat forever

  • LoanSad5133 says

    bad hydros ko sell them at good price aru hold em

    just my opinion

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