what are technical analysis technique other than Bollinger band and MACD?



  1. import_Reddit says

    RSI, Moving Average etc.

  2. rabinkh says

    I think Ichimoku is the best as I used to do when I did Forex. When it is in double top or triangle formation use fibonacci retracement. Combine two of them. I am not technician in NEPSE but looking for Fundamentals. Watch some videos about Fibo and Ichi. Happy Investing.😊.

  3. crazybonehead69 says

    Go for price action. I thinks it’s the best technique for TA. You focus on the candlesticks which basically tells the psychology of people like at what price the buyer or sellers are active. I myself tried multiple indicators but couldn’t rely on them. Solely relying on indicators won’t work, you need to use it along with price action to get the best result.

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