What are some Nepali songs that are masterpieces but underrated?


[bolaun vane timilai ](https://youtu.be/JTfR5Q9gq9o)

[Timi taare bhir](https://youtu.be/teF7P4AzeCM)

[aakha harule by Aruna lama](https://youtu.be/RgncvtC4LUk) most underrated yet so soothing by Aruna lama

[himal sari ma – Narayan gopal Aruna lama](https://youtu.be/2_JKbtuB61o)

[yesto pani hudo raixa by phatteman](https://youtu.be/txdFDmoGv1A)

[Kasari ma bhule k maa ma bhule Narayan gopal](https://youtu.be/KU-Hb45IicU)

I feel these are some of the most underrated yet really beautiful songs with great lyrics

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