Vianet delivers 1 GB Dedicated Internet at Aloft for a Renowned Film Production Team


Vianet Communications delivered a mammoth 1 GB dedicated internet connection for Aloft Kathmandu. The feat is significant for the private ISP amidst the heated internet speed war in Nepal.

Vianet’s streamlined 1 GB broadband ran for Aloft Kathmandu for 45 days for a renowned film-making crew. The company during the time received uninterrupted and flawless internet support for which it sent positive feedback.

Vianet’s 1 GB internet service spanned from August 20th, 2021, and used it till October 3rd, 2021.

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Vianet touching the 1 GB mark is significant for its own as it faces stiff competition from its traditional and fresh ISP rivals.

Mr. Vikram Singh the General Manager of Aloft Kathmandu was highly pleased with the service and lauded the ISP. As a sign of appreciation, he wrote to the company and extended his gratitude for their uncompromising service.

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Vianet’s 1 GB for Aloft is a Reference for the ISP

Vianet is a leading Internet Service Provider in Nepal with offers world-class broadband deals. Praise coming from Aloft will be a reference for the company as it tries to stand out among the ISPs.

Already for several years, Vianet has been providing internet service for Aloft Kathmandu, which is the offspring of the US-based ho

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