Trudeau’s Canada demands for Foreign Policy Reinvigoration

Trudeau’s Canada demands for Foreign Policy Reinvigoration » Meroshare

After 36 days sprint campaign, Canadians voted to elect a new federal government on September 20, 2021. Mr Trudeau was seeking 3rd term as prime minister two years before the end of his second term after assuming office in 2015.

The Liberal Party called for an early election to change the status quo and was hoping to form a strong majority government.

Liberals were looking for a clear mandate and wanted to capitalize on the initiatives taken by their government for the management of the global pandemic and the vaccination campaign.

As per the data, Canada happens to be one of the countries having the highest proportion of vaccinated people. Recalling pandemic-ridden seventeen months in one of his speeches, Trudeau said ‘Canadians deserve to choose what the next 17 months, what the next 17 years and beyond look like’.

But the snap poll gamble did not go well and the upcoming Canadian House of Commons would be ‘

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