Tourist arrivals decrease to lowest level since 1977


Tourist arrivals resumed their downward spiral in 2021, hitting their lowest level since 1977, as the coronavirus kept the industry paralyzed despite many attempts to resurrect it by loosening immigration restrictions.

Approximately 150,962 international visitors entered the country last year, according to the Nepal Tourism Board, representing a significant decrease from the 1.19 million visitors who arrived in the country before to the onset of the earthquake.

When compared to 2019, before the pandemic began spreading, the 2021 figure revealed on Sunday shows an 87 percent drop.

Tourism in Nepal suffered significant setbacks as countries increased travel restrictions in response to fresh viral outbreaks, compounding the difficulties experienced towards the close of the calendar year 2020.

In an effort to limit the spread of Covid-19, Nepal implemented a second lockdown on April 29 as a public health measure. The order to remain at home was revoked on September 1 after four months.

Following a flurry of publicity, Nepal had just begun an ambitious Visit Nepal Year campaign in 2020, with the goal of attracting at least 2 million visitors. However, the campaign was quickly shelved when the incipient pandemic reached epidemic proportions around the globe.

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