TMS on Smartphone/TMS on Smartphone

  • sanadh61 says

    Yes, If you’ve just started using TMS you can use on mobile browser with desktop mode on.

    If you’re currently using TMS on PC, Hell No, The mobile desktop version if full of gitches and poor UI.

  • solarmehduh says

    While using tms on phone, I accidentally bought a script when I wanted to sell 🥺

    So, I’d rather find a computer instead of using my phone.

  • hyaaaa_ says

    It’s a little annoying to use but you can make do if you are patient enough. I’ve been using tms in mobile browser for the past month and just a matter of big screen small screen y’know. Having said that, they really need to make an app compatible for phones.

  • kshlp_1 says

    They really need to make an mobile app for TMS

  • nara9182 says

    You can’t search script from smartphone browser.

  • khatrisubash069 says

    I primarily use my phone for trading. I use chrome but the mobile version is quite annoying so I switch it to the desktop version on the browser. It’s not the best but it gets me by.

  • Monkeywithaflower says


    It is a website and can be accessed via browser but ui is not much responsive so you may run into some issues.

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