Tms Net Receivables maile paunu parne paisa dekhayo ani harayo



  1. Nemesis-aak says

    Mero exactly yehi bhako theyo. Broker lai call gareko uthayena. Tara beluki tira bank ma paisa aafai haldiyo broker le. Broker 38

  2. [deleted] says


  3. magis55 says

    broker 58 ma chai TMS ma yo receivables/payables ko record update nai huna chadera they stopped bothering with it. ani kei check garnu paryo if you’ve done multiple back to back transactions then you get in touch with them and have them send you your account statement.

  4. y4maa says

    sell info ma approved ma cha bhane bholi deuso tira ai pugcha natra chai arko 4-5din pachi matra aucha

  5. -HiddenSun- says

    Just call you broker tms ma update hunna.

    PS- i had 4 lakh free collateral but now they removed it. May be many system is being change.

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