Time management

  • sochmamagna says

    It’s the thing that if you don’t follow all your other aspects of life will be jeopardized but nobody manages their time in a disciplined way and here we are wasting it again like every other day……

  • dawson_ko_creek says

    All I have to say is I’ve been commenting and posting multiple times on this subreddit throughout the day since Tuesday if I remember correctly.

  • MUKUND16 says

    >Time management katti ko important cha?

    Ekdum. Try ‘Time boxing/blocking’

    Read this: [https://shovelapp.io/why-is-shovel-the-best-study-planner/](https://shovelapp.io/why-is-shovel-the-best-study-planner/)

    >Do you manage your time wisely?

    Yes, but not wisely.

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