This is going on from 8 in the morning and I have exams tomorrow.



  1. G_ACN says

    Police complain

  2. hardly_fiction says

    Dude just go and talk to them, smile and be as polite as you can be, tell them to tune it down a bit because you have exams. Now if they donโ€™t comply then you can look at other drastic measures or tell them to fuck off. Tara first ma gayera ramro mukh le bhanera prayash chai garnu parcha.

  3. Shan_XX_Rai says

    I hate these sorts of noise disturbances. It literally eats your brain out. Go there and tell them to get that thing turned off. It is a freaking annoyance to hear that early morning and throughout the whole day! Ask around your neighborhood to file a police complaint as a society coming under noise disturbance!

  4. NotTheChosenOne5 says

    Bro you got a sniper?

  5. nomad_in_a_quest says

    These fucking people have no idea at all like how the fuck you can play something on a loop and donโ€™t get annoyed yourself. Still using outdated form of marketing. Fuck you boomers, FUCK YOU.

    Update: We complained and the staff there stopped it.

  6. sauravashes says

    Flat 50% discount!

  7. procipher says

    Police lai phone gara na. This is intense.

  8. thechaoticguy says

    kaha ho? daat check garauna thiyo

  9. tophendra says

    Rocket launcher fire gara, you have a clear shot.

  10. saw1see says

    This sucks!!

    Padeko ni sab vulaidinxa๐Ÿ˜†

  11. zenopho says

    Headphones, works wonders. And play some lofi or any other non distracting music.

  12. Altruistic_Project63 says

    Mero ghar side ma resturant ani garage xa etti sound auxa . First first tira ta atti disturb hunthyo paxi ta halla mai padhney baani paryo. Adaptation garna siknu parney raixa ailey ta jati halla vaeni concentrate garna sakxu.

  13. ajay_608 says

    but in all seriousness, nice offer.

  14. Mclovin-12345 says

    lock you room lock your window and start studyng

  15. yeet_myass says

    i feel you dude. bihan 6:30 -7:00 baje dekhi bajaira huncha.

  16. tsiganology says

    Gayera tini haruko sabai saman kindeu bro ani janchan

  17. dolen001 says

    Good luck

  18. WomanWhoWeaves says

    20 years ago I was doing a 3 month silent retreat in the Valley during elections. (Maybe six months before the massacre?) I speak just enough Nepali that I could make out words from the trucks driving around in the villages. Oy. Good luck with your exams.

  19. MenuPrize says

    there used to be a group of people advertising right in front of my house advertising some shady ayurvedic meds which, they promised, cures any kind of pain. My sis, who was preparing for an exam, was pissed of the noise , confronted them. They lowered the volume but only for few days. Its unfortunate that people still buy those things.

  20. ChoiceBreadfruit9864 says

    Todfod gardeu makadocs haru lai

  21. incognitoboiiii says

    Noise cancelling headphones bro.

  22. Upbeat-Ad3930 says

    hamro nepal ma๐Ÿ˜‚

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