There is something wrong with my f*****g broker and I am very Happy.


August 30 I opened my TMS account and in September 1 I tried loading the collateral of RS. 5000 for testing purpose because I’m new and I wanted to test how it works and next day I asked for collateral refund and I had to call them 5 times a day for three days because they wouldn’t resolve my issue and yesterday (September 6) they returned my money out of the blue and I was happy and frustrated at the same time and again after 5 minutes they again send me RS. 5000. They sent me RS. 10000 in total and my TMS is still showing RS. 5000 available collateral, and I have already used that RS. 10000 to buy shares. I am again thinking of calling my broker to ask for a refund that is showing in my TMS but I am scared that if they find about their wrong transaction they’ll ask for refund and I don’t have a penny left to give to them.

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