The President urges for the preservation of the nation’s legacy and cultural traditions.


In her address to the nation, President Bidhya Devi Bhandari urged everyone to contribute to the preservation of the nationR17;s legacy and culture.

President Bhandari, speaking at the inauguration of a stadium in Matihani Municipality in Mahottari district today, called on all parties involved to take the initiative in preserving the nationR17;s legacy and rich culture of Mithilachettra, where, she added, dozens of ancient sages have mediated.

“Province 2 is well-known as a region where sages such as Astabakra, Yagyabakya, Gargi, Maitraiyi, and King Janak, among others, pondered,” the author writes. “In order to pay tribute to our illustrious past, we need both save and protect the heritage and monuments associated with the aforementioned professors,” she stated.

President Bhandari argued that our future generations would only be able to see an

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