TF! Annapurna II has a face.



  1. SampritYnj says

    Wait till some people claim it’s a face of some god.

  2. vicious100001 says

    “तिमीलाई देखेर हिमाल हाँसेको”

    Himal after seeing me :

  3. matateiho says

    TF! TIL there is Annapurna 1,2,3,4 and south…smh.

  4. _qex says

    Machhapuchhre has a Lion

  5. xubhaa says


  6. Ratziboi says

    dum dum give me gum gum

  7. [deleted] says

    Mount Rushmore: Nepali edition

  8. burnedbloomers401 says

    Anyne else see that face?

  9. vibinginthewoods says

    Looks like painting of Vincent van Gogh.

  10. General-Eye8515 says

    iku uncovered

  11. dawson_ko_creek says

  12. baldur_imortal says

    naak thepcho raicha

  13. Bipen1232 says

    KP ba is everywhere.

  14. billy_Everyt33n says

    The nose looks like it could go at any moment

  15. Shibi8 says

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