Tehrathum Hydropower issues IPO from today

22 Upcoming Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) – NEPSE 2021

Tehrathum Hydropower Company has begun issuing initial public offerings (IPOs) as of today.

Starting today, the corporation has released 400,000 units of IPO for the project-affected locals out of the total 1,200,000 IPOs allowed for the general public.

Locals must apply for the IPO by August 3 and no later than August 18.

The Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) has previously granted the business authorization to offer the IPO.

The issue manager is NIBL Ace Capital Ltd.

The hydroelectric firm, which is located near the district capital of Myanglung, has been producing electricity since March 1, according to Mohan Dangi, the company’s Managing Director.

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