Suggest me a good book about Nepali history.


1. Aba Yesto Kahile Nahos by Baburam Acharya

A record of political massacres in Nepal starting from Bahadur Shah’s killing of Sarvajit Rana to Bhandarkhal Parva, Kot Parva and others. All the political schemes seem to fit Game of Thrones more than this small kingdom. The Mad king’s adventure are really interesting. But the writer has a bias againt Thapas, especially Bhimsen Thapa. Has a English Translation too called ‘The Bloodstained Throne’.

2. Purnima by Itihas Samsodhan

This journal is one of the best things to ever happen to Nepali historiography. I can’t recommend everything because it covers large time period and topics but you can see the contents and read what interests you. About 100 issues are digitized anc can be found on Digital Himalaya website.

3. Rise of the House of Gorkha by Ludwig F Stiller

Great book. It potrays the time between P.N Shah’s beginning of conquest and ends with Anglo Nepal war. The same author also has a book on collection pf letters during the Kot Parva, both pf which can be read from free from ‘Pahar’ website.

4. Licchavi Kala ka Abhilekh by Dhanvajra Vajracharya

A collection of 200 so Licchavi inscriptions (5th to 9th centuries AD) with Nepali translation. Can be found in Internet Archive. A Must have.

5. Ancient Nepal by Department of Archaeology

Similar to Purnima

6. Ancient Nepal, Medieval Nepal and Modern Nepal by Dilli Raman Regmi

These were written in the sixties and are a bit antiquated but still are wonderful resources. Badically the chronological history of Nepal from Licchavi to Shah dynasties.

These should generally do. But if you want more, John Whelpton has a wonderful article on Reading List on Nepali history [here. ](

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