Student found dead in KMC,Bagbazar.


Student found dead in KMC,Bagbazar.


  1. ZoroAsAkatsuki says

    Post it on twitter and tag nepal police, NEB, school management, media houses. This must not go unnoticed.

  2. bi_shy_ready_to_cry2 says

    Monthly hostel fee 17k xa ani facilities chai kei deko xaina

    Hostel ma proper management navayera complain garda ni college le ignore garxa

    At least responsibility liyepaxi student ko safety ta khyal garnu parxa ni

    Ani feri Principal ra aru Managing/Administration team ni xainan re, only coordinators

    Irresponsible ko ni limit hunxa hau

  3. Iamawid says

    I am a student of Kmc (class 11) ani hamro class ko FB group ma ekjana hostel Mai basne student ko anusar Nuhauna Jada dherai samaya samma firta naauda washroom ma herna Jada dhola lock theyo rea. Ani uslai nikalna lai dhoka futalea paxi u unconscious theyo rea ani hatar hatar ma uslai bahira nikalera CPR gareko rea. Ani hostel ko management lai bus ya taxi lyaera hospital laga Vanda dherai samaya waste gareko jabaki Sabi time ma uslai lageko vae usko Jyan bacchna ni saktheyo re.

  4. usernepal says

    He was one of my students 2 years back when i work as tutor at hostel of small heaven school in chitwan. Was really talented guy , ali shy thiyo bhai, hasirakhya jasto face thiyo . Padhdai dherai ramro .

    Aaja behana post dekhda really shocked ani attinai naramro feel bhayo . Remembered bhai ko face all day …

  5. DrAz57 says

    I was just there an hour ago. Students were protesting and riot police we called

  6. Unfinished_Canvas says

    God i have heard nepal and carbon monoxide in the same para for one too many times

  7. Altruistic_Project63 says

    Carelessness from college management. Lack of proper proper ventilation . Fees liney belaa chai mainanko 15-16k liney ani service ra facilities ma chai laparwahi garney.

  8. fartLessSmell says

    I was student of KMC. Not nice college.

    In my time fee was around 2 lakhs for +2 whole session and the greatest technology they had was to wrap the chewing gum in a paper and throw it in dustbin.

    I think +2 education is over hyped and private college are looting money. There should be high school system in Nepal too.

  9. plangarexecutegar says

    Heartbreaking and infuriating. This should be made viral on social media platforms so authorities have no choice but to address it publicly to ensure accountability.

  10. xubhaa says

    Thats sad may his soul rest in peace and the hostel administration should be guilty and compensate damn 🙁

  11. radiatorssprings says

    Maile Kathmandu maa hostel services is shit vanda, sab dhani hudainan vanne haru yei sub maa thyo

  12. Thraser8 says

    Such a sad way to go due to carelessness of the management. Condolence to the affected family and friends, may the departed soul find peace and be one with Brahma.

  13. munamadan says

    I can attest to KMC’s negligence for safe and efficient infrastructure first hand. Although I am quite lucky that I didn’t have to stay in those nasty hostels.

    May his soul rest in peace.

  14. murdabadh says

    Yo month mai matra 3 jana ko death vako suneyy (including this one) gas geyser le nai sabbjana.. government or manufacturers kasko kam ho but they need to educate people asap on how to properly use gas geyser.

    Sincere condolences. 🙏

  15. LeadingViolinist7165 says

    May his soul rest in peace, that was really bad of the management

  16. buddha_emperor says

    Gas ko pipe leaky bhaeko karan le ni huna sakxa. Aajabholi gas ko pipe ati nai fitalo aauxa. Bliuish transparent color ko. Thorai thorai gas leak bhai raakhne khaalko. Leak nahune pipe ali mahango parxa. Ani bathroom maa ventilation nahunu chai management kai galti ho. Ani tyo building design garne maanxe/architect ko pani.

  17. FateXBlood says

    दिवंगत आत्माको चिरशान्तिको कामना गर्दछु।

  18. starish69 says


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