Single for life


Bro you can either get bitter or get better.

you are not alone in this stuggle, so many brothers are out here facing the same problem as you .

the good thing is because there are so many people, many have figured the solution and put thier advice on to the world.

dont be a victim, go and search online,” how to get girls”.

read models by mark manson its a good book.

read meditations by marcus aureulies, its also a great book.

all in all,

exercise/hit the gym and become fit

, meditate and journal so you have decent mental health

, work hard and smart and get a lotta money.

do all these things, the personality will develop on the way, and you will get girls easily.

always remember:

“Irrational confidence and self belief will get you more success, happiness and pussy than Rational defeatism”

were all gonna make it brah!

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