Should I buy hydro on Sunday or leave it?

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  • crazybonehead69 says

    Stop loss halera jani vaye jana saknu hunxa….but hydros ma aba chitai dip aula ki lako xa…report haru dherai ko aai ta right share ko aas le badla. Charts herdai chai aba dev banks ra finance tira shift dinxa jsto lai raxa. Microfinance ko ni report haru rmro aaxa. Overall ma ramro dividends history vako company lida best hunxa

  • godmode977 says

    Hydro only for short term trading. Its already way too risky.

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  • [deleted] says

    >What do you think

    I don’t believe that this new CEO will have any effects on hydro companies’ performances. Is he gonna change PPAs?

    However, traders gonna trade. I am just a bystander.

  • berojgar_keto says

    Its a risky unless you can handle the risk and be disciplined while trading stay out of hydro

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