Rs.5000 ticket for Sajjan Raj Vaidya’s concert

  • BakedTiger says

    I am never going to a music show that asks for your tiktok username during registration. Wack

  • Designer-Departure87 says

    I’d rather take out my family out for dinner and then some lmao

  • anxious_weirdous says

    ~~paranai basera ma maya garaula~~

    gharanai basera ma geet sunaula

  • kuroka1313 says

    That’s Half my salary man. 😅😅

  • professorphoenixx says

    It’s coz nobody attend his concert for the second time.

  • DarkHalo0 says

    5k too expensive for nepali commoners

  • khimma says

    Ticket bata 5000 ani data bata 50000.

  • Organic_Cup_7638 says

    boys, that’s where the posh girls at.

  • kandeey0127 says

    Mero ta stipend Pani 4500 ho monthly 😭😭

  • hsuk-404 says

    5000 for someone who always forgets the lyrics and does not take live events seriously.

  • hentai-with-senpie says

    Imagine paying 5000 for the most generic music you’ll ever listen. Just put on any pop music’s 8D audio and it’ll be at home concert experience lmao.

  • nomad_in_a_quest says

    5000 mata lavish food, raksi, spa, massage, adventure hike sab hunu paro ani sajjan le personally gaunu paro. These rich people are way out of touch with reality.

    And what the fuck are those criteria?

  • nakedtruuth says

    Live music and Concerts are dead. Capitalism killed it too

  • ElderberryCorrect150 says

    Wow he is expensive!

  • Fancy_Palpitation808 says

    Why the fuck is so expensive!! I would agree if it was Nepthaya but for him nah i’m out

  • snj12341 says

    Imagine paying for your data getting sold.

  • Alex_rajbahak says


  • lopsang108 says

    Give your data and pay 5k for it. Bonus : listen to some srv songs. Dhanna nagarikta ko photocopy chai magenachha

  • top_10_dohori_songs says

    Am I getting old or what? I don’t know this dude. What’s his famous songs?

  • sinner_93 says

    5000 ma ta pokhara ghumera auna pugchha yaar

  • datn3palik1d says

    bruh even in the states I’m not gonna pay $50 for his music😂 tf

  • YetiGuy says

    Good musician. His voice sometimes feel strained and forced. His accent is definitely forced (so much so that it has probably become his default accent ).

  • mojojojooo0 says

    500 hola jhukkera 5000 lekhyo hola lol

  • manoj_5 says

    Seeing something like this makes me wish if there was communism in our country as well

  • Organic-Connection33 says

    Aayush rimal part 2

  • SaikyouMegane says

    Sorry who?

  • [deleted] says

    Those who can afford and think it is okay to pay that much can pay and go and enjoy. I don’t see anything to worry in this.

  • Toread01 says

    What the fuck with secret location and shit.

  • kamiketa says

    He be like it’s only 50 dollar it’s so cheap. And what’s with secret location? Is it a concert or swingers party?

  • ShadowFlyer1 says

    I know him before he got big. (2015). Even then he came across arrogant. 5000 for a ticket? Lmao do me a favour

  • trafalgar_zoroo says

    looks like someone got heavily influenced by western culture.

    Reference: 5000 for a ticket as its a little to price-y for Nepali people.

  • chickichanga says

    5k is very expensive price to pay for selling my data online

  • qkathmandu says

    If people are willing to pay it then what’s the big deal? People pay hundreds of dollars to watch their favorite artists.

  • zealousvirus2 says

    Who is this guy? Never heard of him. Why is OP making irrelevant person famous?

    Edit: and what’s this “secret location”? In Rs. 5000 better be “live” in my living room. Otherwise, this looks shady.

  • DontBelieveMyWord says

    That’s too expensive. Let’s see if Thamel contacts work this time as well.

  • Sweaty-Cat-2388 says

    I’d rather go to eat decent strippers with 5k rather than in crowded concert

  • [deleted] says


  • syouknoweverything-s says

    Fuck that I would pay 5k any day to attend his concert, and I know lot of ppl who would too… why is ticket price even in discussion? His die hard fans plus the mass he is popular among m sure he can easily get tons of ppl who would pay that amount of money to watch him live.. ppl are acting like oh I don’t know him or oh average Nepali can’t afford…. M sure every Nepali can’t afford internet and knows about reddit either to come and bitch about it here…

  • lonewarrior19 says

    le me: who doesn’t even know who he is

  • dlt-old-acc-cus-cot says

    If you want to and have the resources go for it. Idgaf about how you use your money.

  • HAHAHA0kay says

    Wtf is that form

  • nathanDjHax says

    Freaking 5k. Wtf. Who is this targeted at?

  • biveek says

    This is a bullshit. Not interested

  • Ganapachiro says

    Tiktok username tf🤣🤣🤣

  • yamaraaaaj69 says

    Bro le kun chai audience lai target garya?? Venue khali huncha bro yesari

  • xubhaa says

    Wtf is secret location spam pani huna sakcha yo ta, Hollywood singer koni yetiko chatak hudaina hola, 5k mata baru ma 2 kilo kukhura ko masu lyayera grill garera,.sathi haru bolayera afnai ghar ma chill garchu 😏

  • manoj_5 says

    But with dinner seems reasonable

  • godknows223 says

    5000 ta dherai nai vayo. I would love to go but can’t afford.

    But why TikTok and Instagram ?

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