Recommendations: Some remote village where I can spend a year working and teaching


Someone here asked about a place to live for a month or two outside of ktm. Does anyone know of any village at the top of a hill in Kaski with a view of the Machhapuchhre where I can spend a year or two working (programming), reading books and teaching at the local school? If I can get a decent internet connection, a view of the mountains and a school where I can teach I don’t mind if it is someplace even remote.

**Edit:** Thanks for the ideas. Keep them coming. But please do not judge me or think lowly of me if you happen to find me a year from now enjoying momo in Kathmandu instead of living in a far off mountainous village. I’ve been thinking about this for some years now. I will do this, that I am certain. Just sorting out work related stuffs and financial stability so that I can be truly mobile. It might take two years, maybe more. Cannot just uproot myself and move to the mountains right away.

I think one of the best way is to try asking friends (and friends of friends or someone they know) if they can accommodate me in their own village and connect me to a local school. It may be more effective this way. I can make an impact if I am not buried in bureaucracy.

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