Raato kar maaf gar.


No. I don’t support this movement at all.

There are other things that take presidence over this.

Hear me out.

Generic sanitary pads are made up of mostly plastic, and as we all know, plastic takes a very very long time to degrade. It’s just not a good thing for the mother earth. There are numerous sustainable eco-pads available, such as period cups and fabric liners, and you don’t even have to buy one off the shelf; instead, you can do a DIY and all you need are old cotton fabrics which I’m sure there are plenty in your household. I made the switch after watching David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, and I now wear re-usable fabric ones. I admit I bought some online and others were gifted. One might argue that they’re not as convenient, but I say you’re being a self-centered person who’s looking for an excuse at the expense of planet earth.

I’m not perfect with my habits but I’m trying my best to make amends.

Here’s a tutorial on DIY pad for anyone interested,


Ironically, ActionAid credited the DIY sanitory tutorial pad as “the same method used by women in Nepal to manage their periods”.

I hope the above ramblings serves as a food for thought .

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