Questions you want to ask Bipin Karki?


Hello guys, we are shooting a FAQ video with Bipin Karki. Anything you want to know about him? Questions about his role, life, inspirations or even coming up stories?


  1. nomad_in_a_quest says

    Psychological thriller are less budgety but why are we not making movies of other genre except for same old dhani kta garib kt angle or vice-versa.

  2. nomad_in_a_quest says

    “Tapai kati barsa ko huda youn sambanda banaunu vayeko thiyo?”

  3. No_Struggle_8242 says

    तपाईं अझै कति बर्ष बाच्छु जस्तो लाग्छ?

  4. Turbulent_Piano_175 says

    Tapai kun karki ho vanera sodhdinu na hai, ya sathi sanga 200 ko bet xa

  5. varuashes says

    I haven’t seen a single Nepali movie in many years. Say you are in power to formulate any plans for Kollyhood. What strategy would you take to make me watch a movie without me having a single thought ‘ I maybe wasting my money and time on this’?

  6. magis55 says

    I want to know his personal favorite performance from all his movies

  7. pseudo-lad says

    Ask him about how he sets himself into a character, given he is the most versatile actor in the Nepali industry(for me he is)

  8. EntertainmentNo9291 says

    Tapai ko gotra k ho ?

  9. snj12341 says

    Which Nepali film do you recommend and why?

  10. beyondprazwal says

    1. If not an actor, what profession would you choose?

    2. What part is more important: Good Acting or the Good Script?

    3. If the world was ending and you get to listen to a song before you die, which song would it be?

    4. How long would it take for a Nepali movie to win an oscar ?

    5. If you ever write a book, what would the title be?

  11. nepbr says

    ‘why are you giving your time to anyone who asks for faq’?

  12. y_nut says

    Who is Bipin Karki?

  13. murdabadh says

    aru ta testai ho, kun karki raichan hamra daju yeso sodhdim na 😂

  14. Novel_Section7369 says

    Do you ever feel that your talent is wasted just because how commercial and generic and tropey Nepali movies are? How much you are allowed to improv or change certain aspects of film?

  15. ilovemasubhat says

    Love your yar bipin dai If you’re seeing this

  16. __eyeless__ says

    nepali actor vayera life sustain garna kati ko sajilo or garo cha? economically and socially.

  17. Agitated-Werewolf-73 says

    Who is bipin karki?

  18. chatureko_daupech says

    why dont you ask him to do an AMA? You can then write down the questions while taking a video of hin answering the questions. It will be more interactive.

  19. YetiGuy says

    Which actor are you inspired by the most?

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