Prospect of near future rally in Nepse.


The data suggests that 35 Arab is above the 12 crore cap limit. Maybe the unregulated leveraged position(recycling of stocks) is even more than the 35 Arab that is causing this selling havoc. There is no denying that this money will not return in the market ( except for the hopeless optimism that small cap investor can get hold of that money)

There is no prospect of FDIs(foreign direct investment) as of now.

The foreign employment rate is decreasing at a historical rate.

This year there was a liquidity problem in the month of shrawan (can be attributed to the incomplete government).

Relatively higher loan defaults wil be seen in coming time.

A certain pullback is inevitable in the stock market. But will that be sustainable?

Is there any reason that the Nepse will achieve the new ATH?

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