Planning to develop an app for nepse! Need some information about NEPSE API


If you want data from nepse itself, you’d be getting real time data but it would cost you money. If you aren’t trying to show the realtime data, which I think makes sense as we already have our TMS and other apps showing realtime data, then what you can do is write a scrapper that would fetch all the company symbols, then for those symbols, fetch full or partial stock day data. I used nepalstock to scrape the data but it doesn’t have closed price so better use sharesansar but then they might change the HTML so the script might need some update in some time. Once you are able to fetch the data(either full or partial), run a cron job that would scrape the data daily, maybe at night time when the site traffic is low. You can now do analysis using this data.

PS: I prefer Python but you can also scrape data using JS and other languages.

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