Work for a PMS service. So this is the basic thing about PMS in Nepal.

Some basics for people that want to have stocks as asset. (Must Know):

1. No one can predict marker movement even the elite pros working since 10-20-30 yrs. It’s a ‘random walk’ as you might have heard. All you can do is risk management.

2. ‘Time in the market beats timing the market’. Even if you bought stocks in the peak of last bull of 2016 and hold on to it till now you would have had at least 2x the value. But keep in mind to invest in a company that has potential to grow and pick a reliable sector if you want a quicker and better result because as you may have seen the good ones tend to go up first and others are only there to follow.

3. Portion the capital that you have. Personal recommendation for risk management: FD + Hand Cash (about 50%, most liquid and 0 risk), Invest for long term (25-30%, point 2), High risk high reward trades (20-25%). But this thing comes down to personal risk tolerance.

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