On Shrawan 21, NLG Insurance will hold its 15th Annual General Meeting.

On Jestha 28, Himalayan General Insurance will have its 27th Annual General Meeting.

On Shrawan 21, 2078 BS [August 5, 2021], NLG Insurance Company Limited will hold its 15th Annual General Meeting (AGM). The meeting will be held at the company’s registered office in Kathmandu, Panipokhari. The AGM will begin after 10 a.m. via virtual medium (webinar).

The following are the major agenda items for the AGM:

Financial statements for fiscal year 2076/77 are presented and approved.

Endorsement of a dividend of 10.5263 percent to shareholders.

Appointment of an auditor for fiscal year 2077/78

Date of Book Closure:

NLG Insurance had set the book closure date for Shrawan 14, 2078 BS for the purpose of the AGM. As a result, investors who purchase/hold NLG shares until Shrawan 13 will receive the dividend and be able to participate in the annual meeting.

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