NTC will give its customers a 22 percent share.


Sourced from: NepaliTelecom.com.

NTC will first do a debit authorization DDA and determine its minimum share price per unit. It will be followed by an auction, with the highest bid determining the ultimate price per unit of share.

The price will also be determined by investor demand. The strong demand will almost certainly inflate the price, or the other way around, following the classic inverse relationship between demand and supply ratio.

NTC’s stock will be one of the first to trade when the company implements this new policy in the coming fiscal year. As we all know, Nepal Telecom is the country’s largest telecom operator, with a 53.81 percent market share in telecom and over 20 million active consumers.

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It is a telecom operator as well as an Internet Service Provider. Nepal Telecom has actively invested in optical fiber in order to provide next-generation FTTH fiber internet while also replacing ADSL service.

In terms of economics, NTC has always fared admirably, managing extraordinary revenues with the exception of a modest decrease in net income owing to lockdown. NTC, on the other hand, will most certainly rebound much stronger after the COVID-19 influence thaws.

Because NTC is sponsored by the government, it has no shortage of means and resources to compete with other telecom behemoths. As a result of its ever-expanding network and services, it will remain steady. NTC would be an excellent addition to any potential investor’s portfolio.

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The government hopes to reduce its holding of 91.50 percent of the shares by seeking broader public engagement. The NTC is scheduled to finalize its final price and issuance by the conclusion of this Ashadh.

Finally, NTC, the world’s largest telecom provider, has made a major percentage of its stock available to the public. How ecstatic are you about this news? Will you apply for Ntc shares in the coming fiscal year? What are your thoughts? You can share your thoughts in the comments area below.

Source: NTC To Provide 22% Share To Its Customers