NTA Vacancy 2078 | Vacant Posts and How To Apply


Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has announced vacancy for 10 new employees in several positions. This time the telecom authority is seeking fresh blood for the posts; Deputy Director, Assistant Director and Assistant. The interested candidates can apply for the positions through internal, open, or inclusive competition.

NTA published its latest vacancy notice on Sunday (December 4) seeking 10 fresh candidates. From this, the telco authority is accepting applications in three positions: Deputy Director, Assistant Director, and Assistant.

In it, NTA is seeking two new Deputy Directors in the Technical group from the internal and women’s categories.

SN Post Service group Competition Number of Vacancies
1 Deputy Director Technical/Engineer Internal 1
2 Deputy Director Technical/Engineer Women 1
3 Assistant Director Administration Open 1
4 Assistant Director Administration Adibasi Janajati 1
5 Assistant Director Administration Madhesi 1
6 Assistant Director Administration Dalit 1
7 Assistant Director Technical/Engineer Open 2
8 Assistant Director Technical/Engineer Disabled 1
9 Assistant Administration  Open 1
NTA Vacancy 2078

Similarly, NTA is seeking seven new employees for Assistant Director. This includes 4 candidates from administration and 3 from the technical group. Likewise, one position is also available for an Assistant under the administration group. Depending on the criteria set by NTA, interested

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