NLG Insurance proposes a 7% bonus share.

Excel Development Bank Offers 12.63 Percent Dividend

NLG Insurance Company has declared a dividend to shareholders beginning with the fiscal year 2075/76. The insurance business has requested a dividend of 7.37 percent.

The entire payout consists of a 7% bonus share and a 0.37 percent cash dividend (for tax purpose). The value of the bonus share is Rs 7.17 crores, whereas the cash dividend is Rs 37.75 lakhs.

NLG Insurance paid no dividends to stockholders in the prior fiscal year 2074/75.

NLG Insurance has completed the NFRS audit of financial reports for fiscal year 2075/76. In fiscal year 2075/76, the company earned a net profit of Rs. 20.24 crores.

The insurance companyโ€™s current paid-up capital is Rs 102.47 crores.

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Beema Samiti has yet to endorse the audit report. Following approval, the corporation will have its annual general meeting.