NIBL Sahabhagita Fund – dividend reinvestment plan.

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NIBL Ace Capital Limited, the fund manager and depository for NIBL Sahabhagita Fund (NIBLSF), a Nepal Investment Bank Limited-sponsored open-ended mutual fund, has updated its Dividend Re-Investment Plan. Unit holders who choose to take advantage of this plan can reinvest their qualifying cash distributions in NIBLSF units under this plan.

The participant will get NIBLSF units in the amount of their qualified cash dividend (after deduction of applicable taxes and transaction cost). The Dividend Re-Investment Plan notice was published on April 6, 2021. As a result, unit holders who have not yet taken part in this plan are encouraged to do so.

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Furthermore, unit holders who register their names before the book close date will only be eligible for the Dividend Re-Investment Plan for dividends paid in the current fiscal year or future fiscal years.

Unit holders can join the plan or participate in it by following one of the procedures indicated below:

  1.   The eligible unit holders can register their name by filling the required forms by visiting the branches of NIBL Ace Capital Limited or its distribution agents.
  2.   The eligible unit holders can register their name by filling the Dividend Re-Investment Plan Registration Form placed at
  3.  The eligible unit holders can register their name by sending e-mail to below mentioned address with their e-mail address mentioned in respective demat account with information mentioned below:
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 E-mail Subject: Dividend Re-investment Plan

 Receiver’s E-mail:

 Description to be mentioned in e-mail:

 Unit-holder’s Full Name:

 Unit-holder’s BOID:

 Contact Number: