Newbie here , where can I learn about technical and fundamental analysis?



  1. LoanSad5133 says

    Books are great for learning

    Books padna bhyaudaina vane the swedish investor channel is gold

    TA ko lagi books and interpretations afai garne ho basics and much more yt ma paucha

  2. Intelligent-Race-101 says

    CA Rachna Padke Ranada.

  3. Entire-Percentage602 says

    Look for rayner tao video on youtube. I am sure it will be helpful for you.

  4. Prab1472 says

    The Trading Channel, if you want to quality content on only technical analysis.

    This doesn’t apply anything with Nepse fundamentals but as a technical analysis point of view all market technical analysis is the same whether it’s forex stock or crypto. But there are different cycle things if you’re a investor and for that I don’t think technical affect that much.

  5. hayman905 says

    Stock guru. Nepse news. Eauta jogi ni cha. Learn the techniques from them apply them on your own.

  6. stainee023 says

    I would recommend u to learn from book the intelligent investor which is more about the investor behavior and attitude more than fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

    People complain it is quite difficult for begginer but u can google and learn more about those difficult terms,it is also my first book so i definetly recommend u to read that because it helped me a lot.

  7. Ncell50 says

  8. hayman905 says


  9. Potential-Selection8 says

    there are literally tons of them on youtube

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