NEPSE’s revenue increased by a small amount, to Rs 5.5 billion.

NEPSE index goes up by 20.71 points

The stock market index (NEPSE) increased by 1.01 points on Wednesday, the fourth day of the week.

The Nepse index had risen 0.04 percent by the end of trading on Wednesday, closing at 2,871.81 points. The Sensitive Index dropped 0.14 point to 539.38.

Only five of the thirteen trading groups today have increased, while the remaining eight have decreased.

Similarly, Rs 5.65 billion 45 lakh 76 thousand 2 hundred and fifty rupees was spent on the acquisition and disposition of 4,47,36,530 shares in 214 companies.

Similarly, the share price of Himalayan Power Partner Limited has increased by 8% today. The share price of Nepal Finance Limited has risen by 7.5 percent.

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