NEPSE rises 97 points, with a turnover of nearly Rs 11 billion.

NEPSE index goes up by 20.71 points

The stock market has reacted well to the start of the new fiscal year and the formation of a new government. The index rose 97.21 points to 2980.61 points on Sunday, the first trading day of the new fiscal year 2077/78. The Sensitive Index, meanwhile, increased by 19.55 points to 560.96.

On the day, a total of 2 crores 88 lakh 63 thousand 93 shares of 221 firms were traded for Rs 11.63 billion 81 lakh 26 thousand 493 rupees at a price of Rs 11.63 billion 81 lakh 26 thousand 493 rupees.

The 13 group firms’ indices that went public on this day have turned green. The largest life insurance group’s index has risen by 648.46 points.

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Himalayan Power Partner, Singati Hydro Energy, Siddhartha Bank Limited, and Sindhu Bikash Bank are among the top gainers on this day. These companies’ stock values have increased by 8% to 10%.

The newly established government’s newly appointed Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has stated that the stock market is good to the people, and that the new day has helped to stimulate the market emotionally.

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