NEPSE Index went green on Sunday

NEPSE was down 16.97 points during day clousure on Wednesday

KATHMANDU: The NEPSE index has turned green on Sunday, thanks to a jump in the insurance sector.

The deal was aided by a substantial increase in the share prices of both the life and non-life insurance segments.

The life insurance group has climbed by 487.2 points, while the non-life insurance group has increased by 378.53 points, according to the NEPSE index.

Similarly, the development bank subgroup has increased by 357.5 points, despite no notable increase in insurance groupings.

Finance climbed by 181.26, and banking increased by 45.13, according to NEPSE sources.

Similarly, the trade association predicted a 34.83 percent increase in hydropower, 78.55 percent increase in manufacturing, and 9.0 percent increase in other industries.

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