NEPSE dropped 17 points. Turnover of Rs 4.5 billion.

NEPSE index goes up by 20.71 points

On Wednesday, the stock market index (NEPSE) fell 16.97 points.

The NEPSE index fell 0.60 percent by the conclusion of the day, closing at 2,801.06 points. The Sensitive Index dropped to 525.24, down 1.50 points.

Only two of the 13 groupings traded on the day gained, while the other eleven declined.

On the day, a total of 11 million 16 million 62 thousand 217 shares of 222 firms were exchanged, resulting in a turnover of Rs 4,585,861,976.

Similarly, Century Commercial Bank Limited’s stock has increased by 3.5 percent today. Prime Commercial Bank Limited’s stock price has increased by 3%.

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