NEPSE also goes green on Monday, and transaction volume soars.

NEPSE index goes up by 20.71 points

KATHMANDU: Despite the coronavirus pandemic and political turmoil in the country, NEPSE remained green on Monday. NEPSE also surpassed its Sunday high of 2,820 points on Monday.

According to sources, the NEPSE has also set a new transaction amount record.

According to Nepal Stock Exchange sources, the NEPSE rose 3.07 points today to 2,823.06.

Similarly, the sensitive index, which tracks the trading volume of large corporations, increased by 1.31 points to 508.49.

A total of 271,40,202 shares from 216 companies were purchased and sold for a total of Rs 13.17 billion.

Only five of the 13 subgroups traded gained, while the other eight faced resistance. Banking increased by 4.08 points, hydropower by 5.2 points, non-life insurance by 196.64 points, mutual funds by 0.09 points, and investment by 1.41 points.

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Similarly, trade groups dropped by 57.6 points, hotels and tourism dropped by 17 points, development banks dropped by 32.9 points, finance dropped by 36.42 points, manufacturing dropped by 47.82 points, others dropped by 9.31 points, microfinance dropped by 5.37 points, and life insurance dropped by 55.61 points.