Nepal’s unequal wildlife laws


> I reported the illegal wildlife parts in use in Kathmandu with evidence and lobbied to be brought under the purview of the law. But I was warned to keep quiet, with authorities even threatening to end my career. I chased them for two years but with no other progress and alternative, I went to court.

>in May 2018 we went to the Supreme Court with our petition. The staff at the registration read the writ and laughed. The head of the branch said it was an important case but refused to register it. It got registered the second day because there was no basis not to, and the date for the hearing was fixed for the very next day.

>The judge on the bench was Cholendra SJB Rana. I could hear advocates say, *“Most of the wildlife parts are in the Rana family. How do you expect the judge to give a verdict?”*

I remember In this subreddit I got some hate I got when I said Ranas should not hold immense power till today and that the 1951 revolution was incomplete seeing as the wealth created by the corrupt regime still influences our country .

I will never understand why I got hate there 🗿

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