Nepal’s former PM KP Sharma Oli on fifteen years of Comprehensive Peace Agreement


Starting in the year 1996, our country suffered the decade-long violent conflict between the government and the then rebel Maoists. It has been fifteen years since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) between the Government of Nepal and the CPN (Maoist) on 21 November, 2006.

The CPA followed the successful conclusion of the peaceful People’s Movement, which was the result of the sacrifice and struggle of the Nepali people, who sought a permanent end to the conflict and for long-term peace leading to political, social and economic transformation.

On this important occasion, I pay heartfelt tribute to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in different political struggles for the purpose of attaining peace and progress for the people. On behalf of our CPN (UML) party, I pay tribute and express gratitude to those who struggled in different movements to realize this dream of social transformation, in the process of becoming wounded or suffering torture, as well as to those who lost their relations and dear ones in the process.

The roadmap of the peace process drawn by the CPA was extremely important and designed to meet the long-term needs of our society. Our initial responsibility under the Accord was completed with the management of Maoist arms and combatants, followed by the promulgation of the new Constitution on September 20, 2

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