Nepal Stock Exchange sees three records Sunday

NEPSE index goes up by 20.71 points

The stock market has once again broken records.

The NEPSE index has risen 32.81 points. NEPSE has hit a new high of 2820 points on Sunday. This is the highest point NEPSE has ever reached.

According to Murahari Parajuli, a spokesperson for the Nepal Stock Exchange, the market, which has reached a new high, also set two new records on Sunday: the total trading volume during the day and the total market capitalization.

On Sunday, the market saw over 25.163 million shares exchanged. This is a record as well. Last Thursday, a whopping 25.121 million shares were traded. In terms of trading volume, today’s market has set a new high.

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On Sunday, shares worth more than Rs 12 billion were bought and sold. It’s also the site with the second-largest transaction volume. The previous record was Rs 11.95 billion in turnover.

Development banks and finance companies have benefited and become green in recent years.

As the sub-indices of these classes rose in value, so did investors in some of the weaker firms. The NEPSE index dropped by about 50 points less than 10 minutes after trading began on Sunday. Since that time, the index has risen 32.81 points to 2,820.

According to analysts, the record-breaking growth Sunday was fueled by increased liquidity in the banking system, an influx of investments from other sectors due to ongoing sanctions, and declining bank interest rates.