Nepal Reinsurance Declares a 20% Dividend

Nepal Reinsurance Declares a 20% Dividend

The shareholders of Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited (NRIC) have been paid a dividend. The declaration of dividends dates from fiscal year 2076/77.

A 20% dividend has been proposed to shareholders by the company. A 16.50 percent bonus share and a 3.50 percent cash dividend make up the total dividend.

NRIC has a paid-up capital of Rs 10 Arba as of Ashad’s end 2077 BS. The bonus share is worth Rs 1.65 Arba at this capital, while the cash dividend is worth Rs 35 crores.

The dividend will be paid out following approval from Beema Samiti and the company’s upcoming AGM.

Nepal Reinsurance Company has not paid a dividend to its shareholders since the fiscal year 2076/77.